Extreme Financial Domination

Extreme Financial Domination

Financial devotion and domination. In order to be a slave and pet worthy of my attention, you are expected to financially submit to my will, eagerly and generously, for as long as I have a use for you. Without tributes to your Princess, we neither have a relationship, nor an understanding of each other’s natural-born role. Your role is to give; My role is to take. This is the most basic and essential part of our Princess/slave relationship. No matter what your ranking or length of time in my Queendom, you will dutifully serve me until your bank account runs dry.

The act of financial devotion to a superior Woman is an act of pure and selfless submission, one that few enlightened men have ever discovered or understood. To reach this level of enlightenment is an accomplishment not to be taken lightly. I deserve to be pampered, even if that means you have to suffer.  

You may be an egotist who likes to flaunt your money; you may be a doormat who just can’t say no; or you may be a loner who fantasizes about me being your girlfriend; but at your most fundamental core, you are a sugar daddy who simply wants to spoil and pamper me! You download my pictures, obsess over them, dream about them; you can’t take me off your mind. You think of my perfect body and the subtle way I can make you — and your wallet — melt with just a flirty wink and a smile. You crave my attention and long to take care of me. You strive to give me everything that I desire and you are very generous at that. You never want me to work or worry my pretty little head over money, thus indulging me as the decadent and deserving Princess I truly am.

You are most satisfied when you know you have made my life easier in some way. Your favorite contribution is paying for my day-to-day expenses. You will pay for my manicures and pedicures or perhaps splurge on a day at a luxury spa for me; You will suggest I escape for a week and pay for a first-class vacation on a tropical island, plus a whole new wardrobe to tote along. No matter how you start out, rest assured that the MORE money you send Me, the MORE excited it will make me, and the MORE pleased you will be! I am incredibly spoiled, especially high-maintenance and you cannot resist ME!

Ways to Devote Financially to your Princess:

I take genuine interest in the financial status and financial practices of my slaves. I encourage all my slaves to consult with me when they are uncertain of how they can best finance my spending sprees. Consider me as your divine financial adviser, whereby I help you save and tribute as much money as possible and help you ascend to your proper ranking in my Queendom as my loyal pet.

Whether you are fortunately blessed or barely scraping by, paycheck to tribute, below are a few suggestions on how you can become a more disciplined devotee… and in turn — a happier and more satisfied devotee, as you will be contributing to the glamorous life of a superior female — ME!

Set up an auto-deduction or tribute schedule for me. Most banks these days offer free online banking and being the frugal devotee that you are, you will eagerly take advantage of this! There is no better way to send me tributes on a regular basis than by setting me up as a Payee in your online banking account. Simply input my information on the Payee screen and have your tribute automatically deducted from your account weekly, biweekly or monthly! Frequent tributes please me most, as it is such a thrill to look inside my mailbox every week and find your auto-deducted online banking checks in there…True symbols of your submission and loyalty

Transfer your savings to me. Many of my slaves have done a fair job of saving money over the years, collected in the form of savings accounts, retirement accounts, stocks and bonds, CDs, savings bonds or family trusts. Those slaves have made it much easier to form a proper Princess-slave relationship with me, as they have the start-up capital required to financially sustain my needs and desires. Other slaves may not have had a reason before to save money and that is fully understandable. You had no use for money until you found your Princess and now that I have accepted you into my Queendom, you will work diligently to save, save and save some more for me.

I prefer to establish long-term relationships with my slaves, slowly draining you of all your cash and credit until I have no use for you anymore. Thus, I am not one of those evil Princesses that plunder their slaves’ entire savings in one shot, leaving them bankrupt within mere minutes of meeting. I care about my slaves’ financial stability and prefer a steady stream of tributes over the course of several weeks, months and even years. This allows me ample time to learn more about your salary, your bonuses, your bank accounts, your stock options, your tax refunds, your hidden accounts, your weaknesses and any other information that may garner me more money over the long term.

One of the simplest ways of transferring your savings to me is by scheduling a regular tribute from your bank account to Mine. Set up a transfer on a recurring basis and watch with delighted anticipation each week as your savings dwindles bit by bit, while mine grows and grows! For instant gratification, you may prefer to cash out a CD, stock or savings bond and tribute the whole amount to ME at once! I never turn down such thoughtful gestures from my slaves and it shows that you are truly serious about serving Me to the highest degree.

Establish a daily savings plan for me. Similar to how many financial self-help guides instruct you to put aside money every day by foregoing that daily Starbucks, this plan allows you to start a simple and progressive method of saving for me, gradually building up into more money that ordinarily would have been wasted away on yourself. Begin by analyzing your spending habits each day on incidentals such as coffee, bagels, newspapers, cigarettes. These expenses seem minor at first, but once you get into the habit of sacrificing and saving, My money really starts to add up!

Take on extra work for extra pay. Most slaves work only 8-12 hours a day, leaving a few extra hours of downtime when they are not sleeping or communicating with me… Downtime that could best be put to use earning extra money for my lavish consumption. After all, what good are you if you are not tributing me? The truly devoted take advantage of this opportunity and take on a part-time second job that they can work during their off hours… Because in all honesty, as a devoted slave there are no “off” hours! Taking on a second job is the ultimate commitment, the ultimate manifestation of your adoration of me. I expect you to tribute me ALL the money earned on this second job; and while you toil away, you will have the pleasure of knowing that every minute you’re sweeping floors or serving drinks, you are fulfilling your destiny of serving ME and supporting my extraordinary lifestyle.

Sell your unwanted or unnecessary belongings. Take a look around you… In your closet, in your garage, in your grandma’s attic. Are there items of clothing, jewelry, furniture, decor, tools, electronics that are outdated, unused or otherwise forgotten over the years? It’s time to do a spring cleaning, no matter what season it is! Stage a yard sale, hawk your goods on eBay or Craigslist, haul everything down to the local pawn shop, sell it ALL and see how much your junk could net me! If you’re lucky and had a grandma with good taste, that ratty old lamp she hoarded could possibly be worth thou$and$ on the antiques market! Not only will you finally clean out that mess you call your home, you will be amazed at how much money is just sitting right there on that dusty shelf, waiting to be sent to me.

Better yet, sell your house, your car, your material possessions, and submit to a more humbled existence. In the perfect Queendom, the only being worthy of lavish material possessions is your Princess. I was put on this earth to spend, to enjoy and to live a luxurious life, all at the expense of my humble slaves. Do you think a slave deserves to live in a lofty townhouse with picture windows and gourmet appliances? NO! A truly devoted slave needs only a solid roof over his head and unwavering faith in his Princess for his survival. Trim your monthly payment by at least 50-75% by downgrading to an efficient studio and pass those savings on to ME every month!

Do you own a gas-guzzling sport-utility vehicle that requires constant maintenance? Ditch that ride for a more economic hatchback option, or better yet, contribute to the “green movement” (while contributing to the “Princess movement” at the same time) by learning to utilize public transit or riding your bike to work. Just think of the nostalgic satisfaction you’ll feel when you’re 90 years old, telling your grandkids, “I remember the days when I used to bike 20 miles uphill to work every morning, suffering and saving money for the most addicting and superior Princess that ever lived!”

Inventory your personal possessions and soon you will realize how excessive your life once was before you found your Princess. That plush king-size four-poster bed can be traded in for a tatami mat on the floor. That flat-screen TV and DVD player is rendered unnecessary when you can watch Hulu for free on your computer. With a bit of thought and research, every material part of your menial life can be minimized or eliminated in order to provideMORE for me. You may be surprised at how little you need to live. Shed your life of superficiality and prepare to enter a substantial spiritual journey of sacrifice and financial submission.



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